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As worn by ....

It seems that many people make a decision on whether to buy a t-shirt depending on whether a "celebrity" has worn the same one. Even the children of celebrities seem to be inspiration judging by some of the "as worn by" images we've seen splashed across some t shirt site home pages.  In the absence of having a regional news readers brother photographed wearing a Far t-shirt, or the girl who does the weather, we thought we better get in on the act too. Trawling through the Beatles archive we came across an image of the Fab Four from the 1960's and quess what ... they'll all wearing Farq. Rather than keep that quiet we, reluctantly, decided to publish it....

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The Jam

March 12th 2016 sees the 24th anniversary of The Jam's final studio album "The Gift". Whilst coming to prominence at the same time as many punk rock bands, The Jam were more sophisticated in their music (and attire) and really were at the forefront of the mod revival movement that followed. Until their break-up at the end of 1982 they produced a series of chart hits, influencing many British bands that followed. Our new Jam t-shirt celebrates their music.

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Che t-shirts

Highly controversial in life, Che Guevara has taken on an iconic status in death. Achieving fame and notoriety as a Marxist revolutionary until his death in 1967, he has since become a symbol in popular culture for all thing anti-establishment in the same was as James Dean since his early death. Che's face adorns a wide variety of items, not least the everyday t-shirt. Even today Che's face can be seen on t-shirts for men and women throughout the world. The most commonly used shot is based on the facial caricature by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick (pictured) which has undergone countless revisions and reinterpretations but always remains unmistakably Che.  

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Are you in the know?

For many, this is the big movie of the year. Forget Antman or Fantastic 4 from 2015, or Batman v Superman or Captain America from 2016, this eagerly anticipated "superhero" movie is set to break new ground and shake the whole comic book movie industry up. You may have seen the trailer, you may have seen the movie posters and billboards, and if you're one of those in the know, you'll already have worked out which new movie our superhero movie t-shirt is inspired by, if not you'll probably need a clue to work it out (it begins with "D"). The movie came into being rather unconventionally. Those eager to make the film produced a three minute "test reel" in January...

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Farq - what does it mean?

So you've seen the brand, "got the t-shirt", and noticed all are carrying the Farq brand name - but what does it mean? Those with an ear to the ground will already keep up to date with the latest in the ever growing number of new "urban" words added to our language each year. For others we offer this explanation. First of all "Farq", written without emphasis on the Q (as in "Far Q" - geddit?) may at first glance appear rude, but it isn't really offensive at all.  In fact, it's the polite way to use an expletive in mixed company.     Here's what The Urban Dictionary says: FARQ. adverb; the apropos method of saying f**k in a crowded room without offending...

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