Farq - what does it mean?

Farq - what does it mean?

So you've seen the brand, "got the t-shirt", and noticed all are carrying the Farq brand name - but what does it mean? Those with an ear to the ground will already keep up to date with the latest in the ever growing number of new "urban" words added to our language each year. For others we offer this explanation. First of all "Farq", written without emphasis on the Q (as in "Far Q" - geddit?) may at first glance appear rude, but it isn't really offensive at all.  In fact, it's the polite way to use an expletive in mixed company.    

Here's what The Urban Dictionary says: FARQ. adverb; the apropos method of saying f**k in a crowded room without offending your parents." 

So wear your t-shirt with pride safe in the knowledge that you're being very considerate to those you may meet (just be careful if they ask you what it means).  

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