The Greatest Exhibition

Heard the news? The greatest exhibition is coming to the O2! What's it about ? ...., "The Greatest" of course!  The opening bell is scheduled to strike on March 4th 2016, where Muhammad Ali fans will be able to take in more than 100 artefacts on the greatest boxer (we say sportsman) or all time. Exhibits include a full size boxing ring, rare and unseen video footage and photographs and personal memorabilia lent by Ali himself, who the organizers are hoping will attend. Co-curator Davis Miller has said "I know he wants to come and I hope that he does.” Miller added “I saw him last September and he looked surprisingly good. He had put on about 30 pounds and he looked like Muhammad Ali. He was playful, playing with kids, doing magic tricks and was very alert and joking.” Now wouldn't that be the greatest sight the O2's ever seen.

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