Where's Beatles?

OK, producing a new Beatles t-shirt isn't exactly original, least of all if the design is based on one of their many famous album covers. We're not sure which Beatles LP cover is more famous than any of their others, as all have taken on somewhat iconic status over the years. Certainly the Abbey Road cover has been mimicked more than the others, with countless fans photographing themselves making that well known crossing, but we've taken another angle to our latest t-shirt design - how about no Beatles?  Look closely (albeit not too closely) and you'll find John, Paul, George and Ringo in there somewhere, Where's Wally style.

Update: The Beatles still pack a punch even so many years after they disbanded. This re-working of the iconic cover has had a bigger response on social media than the other of our Farq t-shirts we've designed since our launch. Clearly they're still "Fab" to many.  

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